Thursday, August 30, 2012

Urban Hikes: Uptown Charlotte

A few weeks ago I celebrated my birthday with a weekend trip to Charlotte.  I wanted to do something active during the weekend and thought why not do an urban hike with the friends that were coming into town.  Then my idea expanded to me planning and leading an urban hike for my hiking group.  I didn't think I would get much of a response because my hiking group is based in Charlotte.  Surely they wouldn't be interested in spending a Saturday morning walking around a place they all know.  Well I am happy that I was wrong.  I got a great response from the group. 

One of my friends and I woke up that Saturday morning with the intention to quietly put on our active clothes and go downstairs for coffee.  One friend needed to run an errand so I thought that she would sleep in a bit and then run the errand.  Well we woke her up and she ended up joining us for the hike.

She's smiling here...our first few pictures had that 'I can't believe she woke me up' look.
We hopped in the car and headed away from the hotel to The Common Market (home of really good sandwiches and salads) to meet the group.
Ready to go!
I used a guide from Charlotte's tourism board and Sparkpeople to map out a 4.7 mile trail that would take us by many of Uptown's interesting sites.  It was a good walk and a great way to see an area that most of us just drive around searching for a parking space.  I'm not going to write much more; Instead I'll tell the story in pictures.
On the way in on Tryon.
Where the Panthers beat the Dolphins the night before.
Stone city map in front of Harvey B. Gantt center.
Firebird in front of Bechtler Museum of Modern Art.  I had just the dress to match her for the evening...See below.
He is so ready for fall.

Pigs flying in a fourth ward front yard.
Unfinished church that forms a part of the McColl Center.  This site has been the home of a few fashion shows and open air art exhibits.
Mural in an uptown cupola.  You would never see this on a drive.
Judges at the 7th Street Public Market cookie contest.  Yes we got sidetracked and had to stop inside...
Nascar Hall of Fame.
That was it for the hike.  We finished off by having a great brunch at Pike's.  It was a great way to spend a morning.  Oh and about that dress that matches the Firebird...

Until next time y'all.

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