Why Hiking? In Pearls?

In July of 2011 while staring at Mt. Etna I noticed that I was feeling peaceful.  It was a strange strange feeling.  I then began to think about how to find this peace without flying across large bodies of water.  I landed on nurturing my relationships and engaging in activities that I truly enjoy.  Then there was this issue of time and energy.  Both excuses kept me from engaging with people I enjoy and in activities I find pleasure in.  I decided to make time and find energy..

That decision made, I found myself at a loss for what these "activities" were.  Well I was not pleased with my college football intake during the fall of 2010.  I talked with a friend about remedying this and she became my game going buddy.  We even picked up a new team to cheer on (well not really new as we both went to this school but let's just say football is not the school's athletic strength).  But outside of the occasional "Dear BCS" letter, this is not about football.

The other activity I dedicated the fall to was getting outside.  I have craved being outside since I was a kid.  I don't mind dirt, grass, insects, water, and all other things found outside.  After trying a few things out, I decided on hiking as a regular activity.  I met a great group of ladies at multiple hiking skill levels.  These ladies hike with great attitudes and they do not leave anyone behind.  It is a pleasure hiking with them.  This blog is dedicated to sharing some of this experience with you.  I'll discuss the hikes and share pictures.  I'm just a beginner so there have been some definite hiking missteps that I'll share. But to me the most important information will lie in the "pearls" posts about the therapeutic benefits of me spending some time in the woods.

Now about this title.  Apparently it is odd that I put pearls on with my Under Armour and Columbia.  People have commented on it in pictures and on the trail.  To me it makes perfect sense to stick pearls in my ears at 5:00 a.m. when I'm getting ready to head out.  So here we go.  HIKING IN PEARLS.