Monday, March 26, 2012

A Pearl: Look Up!

Or around, or over, or under...  Early on my tendency to look down caused several problems, but the one I'll discuss here is my inability to see the blazes.

Some might say that was not technically a problem; I could just follow other people.  I became very comfortable staring at the Keen on the backs of people's shoes and I was more than a few hikes in before I realized that a double blaze meant TURN.  No I was not getting lost, but I was not developing into an aware hiker or leader.  Awareness and the ability to lead on the trail are goals I will reach, so stunted development is not an option. 

I sometimes fail to look up and see the signposts placed along my personal life path.  I have a good group of family and friends, and I could just follow along and not get too lost.  The thing is I'm here for a purpose, which I could leave completely unfulfilled if I fail to look up for my personal TURN signposts.  Though more difficult to correct than the tendency to look down on the trail, not fulfilling my purpose because I'm oblivious to signs is also not an option.      

Looking down periodically is fine; Jammed toes are not pleasant.  Just don't keep your head down so long that you wander too far off YOUR trail.

Self portrait taken when I decided to take a small detour down into a valley while the group I was with went ahead on the main trail.  I do not regret it!

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